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Aromatherapy - Pure Essential Oils, Blends, Kits, Jewelry, oil diffusers and much more.

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Let The Power Of Nature Heal Your Body And Soul

Plants are the source of the Aromatherapy that is why we decided to share with you all of the knowledge about every flower ever excited that is used for essential oils. Every plant has it's own power and gifts, we invite you to explore the Aromatherapy official plants and learn all about them.

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

There are about 200 essential oils produced commercially of which some 50 to 100 are used in aromatherapy. The pure essences of aromatic plants have been prized for thousands of years for their health-giving properties and heady scents. Essential oils harness the therapeutic powers in a relaxing, restorative aroma. Use the beneficial properties of the oils to treat common ailments, promote good health and emotional wellbeing and to enhance every aspect to your life.

These potent, volatile essences are nature’s gift to the body and mind. You can soak and splash in them, feed your skin, sensually smooth them all over or simply breathe in their wonderful aromas. Essential oils contain the active ingredients of a plant in a highly concentrated and potent form.

They therefore need to be treated with care. However, there are many ways of dispense ring their fragrance and utilizing their therapeutic properties and most methods do not require any special equipment. Properties of essential oils include being non-oily, aromatic, volatile, slightly soluble in water, inflammable and able to dissolve in fats and pure alcohol.

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