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while shopping

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What if...

each time you made a purchase, you collected donations to a charity of your choice, at no cost to you?


Shop at one of our great partners


After checkout, choose the non-profit
you'd like to generate a donation for


That's it! You just helped raised funds
for a cause you care about

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How does it work?

Our Partners

Have a look at some of the amazing retailers who stand up
to support causes they care about!

Our Causes

Check out those 4,000 charities with a great ranking in terms of transparency and use of resources!
Choose the one you want to support!

What People Say About Us

What's there not to like?!

Ben D.

Each time I shop online, I help the Equal Justice Initiative and it doesn't cost me a dime!

Crystal S.
Non-profit staff

As a non-profit, we always struggle to get funds. This is such a great initiative!

Moustapha B.

zoulat application is so easy to install and you can even choose the donation amount your store give!

Sam B.
Busy New Yorker

I don't always find the time to volunteer, so at least I can help the animal shelter around the corner when I shop online!

Takhani B.
Not guilty to shop

Are you telling me when I buy this pricey but very stylish leather jacket, I can generate a donation to my favorite non-profit?! That’s awesome!

Alex Medina

I really like that we have information on our impact and how the money is used by charities

Frequently Asked Questions

As a client, it does not cost me more than my purchase?

That's correct, the e-retailer donates a % of your purchase to the non-profit you choose, at no cost to you

As a retailer, how easy it is to set up?

It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to install zoulat application and if you need any help during the process you can always send us a message at info@zoulat.com anytime!

How do you choose the non-profits?

We've selected around 4,000 organizations that have the best ranking in terms of transparency and use of resources. We want to empower donors and provide them with as much information as possible on the organizations we support and we have a plan for that! Stay tuned!

What if the non-profit I support is not on the list?

Shoot us an email with the name of the organization you'd like to support and we'll add it to the list of our causes.

How can I get my favorite brand to be your partner?

Shoot us an email with the name of your favorite brand. We’ll reach out to them and do our best to on board them.

How can I support this initiative?

Follow us on social media and like, comment, share with your friends and family! That's how we grow and we need you for that!

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